Anti-Hangover Mouth Spray


THE VIP Anti-Hangover Mouth Spray Difresh Anti-Hangover is a mouth spray with a fresh peppermint flavor that contains components to aid the body in the process of alcohol metabolization and promote its elimination.

It must be taken like a normal refreshing Mouth Spray during the party and you can instantly feel how it works. It helps and saves the liver during the metabolization process of the alcohol.

If you consume it during the night when you are drinking, you will not feel any hangover the next day. If you forget to take it during the party then you can use it the day after and it will quickly help you end your hangover!

Difresh Anti-Hangover comes in a pocket spray bottle, but it has more than 200 sprays, so, each spray bottle lasts a long time, at least 2 months of going out every weekend from night to morning.

(The total price is for 2 units. Free shipping worldwide)

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